Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pleasure Reading

Now that you have your library books, you can begin your Pleasure Reading Program. You will
  1. Choose a target amount of time for pleasure reading (15 - 45 minutes)
  2. Read every day (7 days a week! No days off from reading!)
  3. Read at the same time every day (when possible)
  4. Complete your Student Reading Record for each book that you read (even if you don't finish it).
If the book is too hard (you need your dictionary a lot), change it.
If the book is boring (you don't like it), change it.
When you have finished all your books, go back to the library, return them, and choose more books.

Click here for the Prince George's County Memorial Library System.
Click here to renew your books. You will need to log in to the system with
  1. your barcode (from your library card, with no spaces between the numbers) and
  2. 1 + your 10-digit telephone number (e.g., 13014957239 or 12403647865 or 14107735690)
Ask me for help if necessary.

Remember: return your books by the due date (3 weeks after you got them) or renew them (online or at the library).

Please leave a comment on this post telling me how many minutes you plan to read every day.