Thursday, April 2, 2009

Irregular Verbs

This PerfectEnglish video will help you with the pronunciation of the most common irregular verbs. By the way, in American English, the past participle of "get" is "gotten"--not "got."

Paul's video does the same thing, but with pictures to help you remember the meaning of the verbs:

The Past Tense of Regular Verbs

Watch these short videos by Paul to review the formation of affirmative statements, negative statements, and questions in the simple past tense.

1. Affirmative statements: Ved

2. Negative statements: didn't V

3. Questions: did ... V ?

In the next two videos, you can review the rules for pronouncing the -ed ending.

The first one, from RebeccaESL, is quite short, but it includes all three pronunciations.

This one from Paul is a little longer. It has some details about how voiced and unvoiced (voiceless) sounds at the end of the verb change the pronunciation of the -ed ending. Paul does not talk about the /id/ pronunciation of -ed, however.

4 Kinds of Nouns

This video by Studio4Learning is an advanced review of the 4 types of nouns:
  1. common nouns
  2. proper nouns
  3. compound nouns
  4. collective nouns
The video is for native speakers of English, so the speakers talk fast. Can you understand them?