Sunday, February 8, 2009

Song: Shower the People

Here's another James Taylor favorite:

James' message is that when you love a person, you should tell them and show them!
(There are a few mistakes in the words.... ask me!)

The Verb BE (Questions)

To make a question with the verb BE, just reverse the subject and the verb, like this:

I am --> Am I...? (Am I right?)
We are --> Are we...? (Are we late?)
You are --> Are you...? (Are you okay?)
They are --> Are they...?(Are they in class?)
He is --> Is he...? (Is he in the library?)
She is --> Is she...? (Is she at home?)
It is --> Is it...? (Is it Wednesday?)

Review with Paul by watching the video below:

The Verb BE (Negatives)

Negative forms of the verb BE in the present tense, with contractions:

I am not (I'm not)
We are not (We're not/We aren't)
You are not (You're not/You aren't)
They are not (They're not/They aren't)
He is not (He's not/He isn't)
She is not (She's not/She isn't)
It is not (It's not/It isn't)

I'm not a student. You're not a teacher. We aren't in class on weekends. Mohammed and Mohammed are from Qatar. They're not from Korea. They aren't from Taiwan. Willie is from Taiwan. He isn't from China. Myong Heui is from Korea. She's not from Vietnam. In Australia, it is hot in February. It isn't cold.

For a review of BE in the negative, watch Paul's next video: