Thursday, January 29, 2009

Different Kinds of Nouns

There are 2 kinds of nouns:
  1. Common nouns (teacher, students, school...)
  2. Proper nouns (Rachel, Mohammed, Maryland English Institute...)
Capitalize common nouns at the beginning of a sentence:
Example: S
tudents and teachers come to school.

Always capitalize proper nouns!
Example: Rachel and Mohammed are at the Maryland English Institute.

There are 2 kinds of common nouns:
  1. Count nouns (sandwich, book, song...)
  2. Non-count nouns (meat, paper, music...)
Count nouns have a singular form (1 sandwich, book, song...) and a plural form (2 sandwiches, 3 books, many songs...).

Non-count nouns have only 1 form. You can't count them. (WRONG: 1 meat, 2 musics...)

Study the vocabulary on pages 66-67 of the Oxford Picture Dictionary (OPD).

Count Nouns: egg/eggs, vegetable/vegetables, grocery bag/bags, shopping list/lists, coupon/coupons

Non-count nouns: fish, meat, chicken, milk, butter, fruit, rice, bread, pasta

Watch Paul's video for more information:

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