Monday, March 23, 2009

Possessives: Adjectives and Nouns

In this short video, Paul explains about possessive adjectives:

1st person: my / our
2nd person: your
3rd person: his / her / its / their

Give me my book!
Our class has six students.
What is your name?
Willie usually brings his lunch.
Nina is visiting her sister.
The dog is licking its paw.
The students do their homework.

In this longer video by Corey Branigan and Adam Sharkey, we learn about the possessive form of singular nouns. To make a noun possessive, we usually add 's to the noun.

For example, the possessive form of Nina is Nina's.

English speakers usually use the 's with nouns for people and animals. We use 's less often for things.

Now watch the video:

To make the possessive form of a plural noun, add only the apostrophe (') if the noun already ends in s:

For example:
The teacher collected the students' papers after the test.
The children's artwork is on display in the cafeteria. (Children is an irregular plural and does not end in -s.)


  1. hey! that's my video! the one with halo! :D thank you for the support!

  2. Thank you for sharing your video, Corey!